5D Theater

5D Theater

Modern 5d Theatre is a chain of multi dimensional cinema. Our indigenously developed simulation technology theatre involves not only hearing and visual senses of the viewer but also allows the viewer to feel, smell, involve and fantasize with the virtual situation to enable the viewing five dimensionally real. The 5D adventure is a mind-blowing interactive experience, which is absolutely unbeatable. This state-of-the-art theatre offers you a whole new generation of movie magic. Through the synchronization of a full spectrum of visual effects, surround sound, individually-controlled motion seats and special “live” environmental effects such as water spray, all your senses will be fully engaged like never before.

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Jaurian Sadkan, Devigarh Road, Patiala, Punjab 147001



10.00 AM TO 7.30 PM In Summer (April To Oct.)
10.30 AM TO 5.00 PM In Winter (Nov. To March)